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internet-marketingInternet Marketing and e-commerce are the future of business, and that future is now. This article will give you a great introduction to Internet marketing. We’ll cover a number of ideas related to this growing field.

Having a good, solid definition of Internet marketing is where we should start.  The simplest way of defining it would be to say that Internet marketing is the process of marketing via Internet channels.

In fact, let me clear up one minor myth here: some people who say they have “Internet businesses” overlook a key fact when they say this.  They don’t have an Internet business, they have a business, and the Internet is their marketing channel.

You might think of this as semantics play, but too many people who start Internet businesses have never actually been in business for themselves, so they aren’t really entrepreneurs.  They see themselves as a one-man or one-woman show running a money-making machine from home, and that’s fine.  But what might really be better is if they started thinking of themselves as the owner of their own small Internet marketing company.

If you do start your own e-commerce company, do your very best to learn as much as you can about IM.  To begin, you can select an Internet marketing course from the many that are available online.  (Just be sure to do your research, find a course that has good reviews, and try to see if the business model that the course teaches is one you want to follow.)

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Internet Marketing Courses

One thing about some IM courses is that they can cost a lot—in the range of several hundred to thousands of dollars.   Depending on your financial situation, it could be cost-prohibitive for you.  Internet marketing books are a good alternative.  Depending on what the book is about, you can find a collection of Internet marketing strategies, tips, and articles that will really educate you about business.

Now, if you don’t want to read entire books, that’s understandable.  It can be hard to finish some books.  Perhaps short reads, such as articles, will be more preferable.  This Internet marketing blog is a great source of Internet marketing articles.  EzineArticles is also a great source of articles that have to do with a range of topics related to Internet marketing.

If you don’t want to start your own Internet marketing business, but still want to be involved in this industry, you can consider one of the Internet marketing jobs.   There are many companies that have jobs that are related to online marketing.  For example, some companies might have their own in-house SEO employees.   You can also be an affiliate manager at an affiliate marketing company.

Here’s a tip—especially if you like to meet others: Join an Internet marketing forum.  There are many around, and perhaps the Warrior Forum is the most popular.  Forums can be great, not only for the social networking, but also, you get to meet and learn from people who are doing what works today.

Marketing forums can also save you a lot of time.  Say, for example, that you come across some e-book that’s supposed to teach you how to do something.  You’ve been disappointed before, so you’re skeptical of the claims made about the e-book.  So, what do you do?  Well, you can search for product reviews.  That’s a good idea.  But also, you can go to a related forum and see if that e-book (or course or program) is discussed on that forum.  You might not even have to formally ask about it: just type the name of the e-book into the forum’s search box.  If there’s been a post about that e-book, it’ll show up.  This way, you can read what others have honestly felt about the e-book, and can make a better informed decision.

We hope you’ve found this Internet marketing article to be quite informative.  IM is a big, big industry, with many subjects.  We’ve really only scratched the surface, but hopefully, have given you a solid overview of the Internet marketing landscape.

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