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Affiliate Marketing TipsWelcome to lesson two of the Promoted Profits affiliate marketing series. If you haven’t had a chance to check out lesson one the introduction to affiliate marketing you may want to do that.

In this lesson we’re going to go over using affiliate and CPA networks. As an affiliate, I would say 90% of the time you going to be working through an affiliate network. If you don’t know what an affiliate network is yet, don’t worry you’re about to learn.

Taken from our affiliate marketing definition and terms page:

In affiliate network is generally a website through which you can access a multitude of products or services Square D affiliate merchant behind that product or service is actively seeking affiliates to market for them popular Internet marketing affiliate network sites can be found, for example, at Clickbank and Commission Junction (more on these later…).

Pay Per Sale vs. Pay Per Lead

The first thing you should know about affiliate networks is the difference in the type of promotions you can utilize to make money.

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Pay per sale

This is where you get paid every time you refer a customer who actually purchases a merchant product. So as a quick example:

Someone goes on to Google and searches for “Hoodia diet pills” and they find your site either through paid ads or the organic search results. They then click through your affiliate link on your site and decide to purchase three bottles of these diet pills, you would then get paid a specific percentage of the purchase amount. So if the pills were $40 and your commission was 50%, you would get paid $20. You just received pay for making a sale.

Pay Per Lead

Yet other opportunities to make money lie in product merchants who offer promotions that will pay you simply for generating a qualified lead. This usually means that you have to get the person to fill in some sort of form and submit it.

These forms can be as little as a ZIP code or you may get paid $1-$2, or they can be as much as three pages or you may get paid a hundred or more dollars. And then there is everything in between.

Perhaps some of the most high-paying and high converting pay per lead promotions are free trials. I love, love, love free trials. Usually with free trials you get paid a significant commission ($20 or more), and most times all the person has to do is pay something like $1.99 for shipping.

Sometimes, if you’re lucky they don’t have to pay anything upfront – just provide a valid credit card.

Which one is better?

In all reality, and this may surprise you, it’s just as hard to get someone to fill out a form and submit it as it is to get them to buy a product. So in that regard neither is better.

What makes one type of promotion better as opposed to the other simply has to do with the niche market you are targeting, and the type of products that you can promote to this niche market. And this is pretty obvious…

If you’re targeting the market of people who want to rent games online, you’re obviously probably not going to be able to sell them an e-book about how to rent games online. The logical solution would be to promote a free trial online game rental offer to them.

Let’s say for example, you are targeting niche market of the people who wanted to cure their acne, you could find a digital products such as an e-book on Clickbank that you could promote to them. But even with that said, you may find a free trial acne solution offered that converts better than the e-book.

Really what it comes down to is testing the market and having the experience to know which sort of promotion is likely to be most successful in your niche. Which brings me to another point: I would say about 10% of your success as an Internet marketer depends on experience in market intuition alone. Once you get a little bit of experience under your belt you learn how exactly to market most effectively to your target nine out of 10 times.

Not list point you might be saying, great now I know the different kinds of offers I can promote as an affiliate but where do I find the damn things.

Clickbank and Other Affiliate Networks

90% of the products you will find to promote as an affiliate will be inside of affiliate networks. Take a look at this article of my top affiliate networks list so you can get a good idea of which affiliate networks are the best to join and start making money as an affiliate online.

How to Get Accepted to Almost Any CPA Network

Now that you have a good idea of what affiliate networks are in how they work, I’m going to show you the steps you need to take in order to get accepted to the affiliate networks that require you to fill out an application and review your application before they allow you in the program.

So basically what is required is these things…

  • A professional looking website in which you also have your e-mail address through.
  • A phone number with a professional voicemail (this can be a cell or landline)
  • The right answers to the affiliate network’s questions.
  • That’s about it…

Did you know that, if you knew of a hot, upcoming product that was going to be launched, and knew that it had an affiliate program, you could be one of the first affiliates to profit from it? Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula 3 talks about how to launch a product, and affiliates can learn from this too.

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