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Amish Shah is a blogger and an out of the box thinker who loves working on the web to make a living. Amish, who is basically an Indian, was brought up in the US and soon after understanding the potential of affiliate marketing, he started learning about it. He lives in California with his family. And, throughout his web based career, he has worked with few top webmasters too and working with them not only taught him to earn but to be successful too.

He comes up with coaching programs and techniques every now and then which he believe are highly needed by the fellow newbies and online entrepreneurs.

Amish Shah’s Focal Point

Amish Shah’s focal point is quite difficult to be explained. He has been working in the industry for several years now and has probably worked on several campaigns so far. His coaching programs The Magic Bullet System, Hexatrack and Google Goggles also do not give any idea of his main expertise. So, this probably explains the fact that Amish is a versatile web guru with area of interests/expertise lying in various different aspects of the Internet marketing.

Amish Shah’s Product Portfolio

Magic Bullet System is a CPA marketing program which makes people use the power of pay-per-click marketing to generate quick income online. The 6 week coaching program includes techniques and methods that Amish personally uses in his campaigns. According to the creator, if you create a business worth $5 million dollar per annum; however for you anybody to reach out to that level, one has to really work hard and be consistent.

Amish Shah Negative

Amish Shah is known for his ability to deliver when it comes to profitable coaching programs. His websites are being used by several webmasters day-in and day-out which basically proves that he is a credible personality in the industry. Amish is quite a visionary in his approach towards his online entrepreneurship and there are no negative reviews we have found about him. Anyways, let’s check out if this, in any way, is a scam or fraud.

Amish Shah Scam?

Amish Shah has been in the industry few years now and many of the affiliates know him for his amazingly helpful coaching programs and his money-making marketing strategies. Till now, Amish has not been found to be associated with any scam or frauds; so we can consider that, his future projects would also be genuine and away from scam. You can definitely keep an eye on what he is upto.

Verdict: Guru Profile Rating – 4/5

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Amish Shah

Amish Shah is a relatively little-known, underground marketer without a whole lot of name recognition, but for those who do know him and know the kind of service and training he provides know that he is a serious top-level marketer. The guy knows how to run a successful business, as is evident by the operation of the several that he currently operates, such as Digispace, yMultimedia and the extremely popular Hexatrack software.

Amish Shah Scam?

We rank the trustworthiness of a guru using a variety of factors, such as their overall reputation in the market, how much experience they have in Internet marketing, and the quality of their training as a whole. Below you can see our ratings for Amish Shah.

Amish Shah Social Media

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