Article Underground By Mike Liebner

Article Underground By Mike Liebner

As Internet marketers, we all comprehend the significance of possessing bulk articles at hand – simply because we can utilize these articles the way you like. You can either use them for promotion or can publish them on your website; therefore, it definitely remains an important aspect of Internet Marketing. Article Underground by Mike Liebner is a membership site where he hands over hundreds of PLR articles to his subscribers on a monthly basis. It is said that, he gives as many as 400 quality articles to each of his subscriber at a cost of $97/month, and the number of members he accommodated in his site is 350. I know, the number sounds huge, but that is a fact!

The Benefits

  • Like I mentioned above, if you become a member, you can get access to up-to 400 PLR articles that you can utilize in every way you possibly can.
  • These articles not written randomly, they are done only after an extensive keyword research is performed, so that they can prove to be fruitful in driving traffic and even in generating sales.
  • The Article Announcement Blogs – This is something totally unique and interesting. The Article Announcement blogs are blogs with high Page Rank, you can utilize these blogs to post your articles and get indexed. These are also be used to boost your search engine ranking, all you need to do is – post the PLR articles that you get from them.
  • Plus, if you have any problem or if and when you come across any difficulty while using the site, you can instantly contact the support team, which is available 24/7 only for you. In addition to this, you can also go through the tonnes of Internet Marketing videos to enhance your online marketing ventures.

The Cons

Nothing in this world is perfect; and Article Underground is a victim of just that. Some users feel that the PLR articles provided are of random niches, and it is extremely difficult to use them for one particular niche. But, to that claim, Mike replies stating it will force the users to change the articles instead of pasting it entirely on a webpage.

Article Underground Scam?

Article Underground, as suggested by many, is one of most reliable sources to get access to high quality PLR material. The articles provided can seriously convert your visitors into possible buyers, and if used for promotion, they can drive quality backlinks for your marketing endeavours. But, it is definitely unlike many of those tools that promise to give everything but end-up taking everything from you!

Verdict: Not a Scam

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