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AM Lesson 1: An Intro to Affiliate Marketing

June 18, 2010

Before we get into this article, let it be known that one great way to profit as an affiliate is to find out about an upcoming product release, and capitalize on that by telling potential customers about the product launch.  This is one methodology that many affiliates use, and Product Launch Formula 3 is what [...]

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Free Traffic Method: The “Affiliate Syndicator”

March 25, 2010

Interested in getting a lot of free traffic?  Steven Lee Jones, who is a very successful marketer, knows how to get a lot of traffic to his sites.  No, you don’t really need JVs with big lists, and you don’t need to pay for this traffic. What are we talking about?  We’re talking about Steven [...]

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How to Become A Super Affiliate by Jeff Johnson

March 19, 2010

The video below is an excellent video – 29 minutes long, where Jeff Johson walks you through some killer strategies to go from zero to super affiliate status in no time.  Affiliate marketing is a 6 billion dollar a year industry and growing.  Most anyone can make money as an affiliate if you know how [...]

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How to Create Money Making Affiliate Websites at Warp Speed

November 9, 2009

Who else wants to create a professional, authority site?  That’s the promise behind Authority Pro. Sure, it’s great to create income fast, and that’s what this article will teach you how to do.  But…what’s better than fast affiliate marketing income? An income that you know will be there for the long-term.  There’s a big difference [...]

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6 Critical Elements of an Affiliate Review Landing Page

October 12, 2009

Did you know that your affiliate review landing page can really be one part of an overall marketing strategy?  In fact, if you know of an upcoming product launch, you can, as an affiliate, bank on it by following Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula 3.0 system. In this article you will learn about one component [...]

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AM Lesson 2: Using Affiliate and CPA Networks

July 17, 2009

Welcome to lesson two of the Promoted Profits affiliate marketing series. If you haven’t had a chance to check out lesson one the introduction to affiliate marketing you may want to do that. In this lesson we’re going to go over using affiliate and CPA networks. As an affiliate, I would say 90% of the [...]

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