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Ben Shaffer is a well known and a respectable person in the Internet marketing industry. He is also an expert article writer; many of his articles are performing excellently on Ezine articles and various other top-notch article directories. Ben, who lives in Israel, has been working on multiple small-scale & large-scale projects ever since he commenced his online marketing journey.

In his online marketing career, Ben has created multiple products that were intended to assist fellow web marketers. Some of his excellent and worth- considering products are Video Cash Method, Auto Cash Method, and Project Archimedes. These key products not just brought him good money, but also brought him abundant fame and recognition in the marketplace.

Focal Point of Ben Shaffer

Ben Shaffer has been involved in multiple types of online marketing endeavours, but if I have to choose one expertise of Ben, then it can be easily concluded as Google AdSense. And, this can be proven with the fact that he has come up with his own program called AdSense Discovery, in which various elements of making money with AdSense is taught and explained. One other area in which he holds his expertise is exploring different money making techniques and then automating those stuff.

Product Portfolio of Ben Shaffer

Video Cash Method

Everybody knows that performing Search Engine Optimization of websites if a powerful way to drive traffic, but Ben Shaffer, in his Video Cash Method, tried to explain how bringing traffic to a video can be an important decision in any marketing endeavours. It is a small video course, in which he tries to narrate some of the best techniques; he personally uses to get videos ranked on top of Google.

According to Ben, those who use this technique will get their website on top in a very short span of time. He goes step-by-step and details on how Google treats videos and how its algorithm ranks different videos on the first page of Google.

Auto Cash Method

Yet another creation by Ben, Auto Cash Method is intended to help online marketers by generating automated cash flows on the web. The coaching program requires you to make a one-time payment, that’s it! Once you get the membership, you get access to all the valuable information and strategies explained in the video course. And, apparently, Ben is so much involved into this product, then he is allowing people to indulge in one-to-one discussion with him.

Also, majority of the users that the coaching program is meant for newbies because the techniques included in it are extremely simple and easy to understand.

Project Archimedes

Project Archimedes is a study course by Ben Shaffer on how to buy and sell websites and generate money. Some of the key aspects of the coaching program are:

  1. Finding existing websites on Sale.
  2. Creating websites from scratch and then selling it on the right time.
  3. Locating buyers and then negotiating the right price.
  4. How to deal with the legal and copyright issues.
  5. Website monetization methods that would boost your websites’ value in the online marketing world.
  6. Last but not the least, it requires very little investment.

AdSense Discovery

Google AdSense has been a passion Ben Shaffer. After he made such abundant success in his AdSense business, he created a program named AdSense Discovery. This program allowed a lot of webmasters to master the techniques and strategies in their AdSense business. It talks about how you create powerful & automated AdSense sites. With the program at hand, you can expect to:

  • Have a brand new website that updates content automatically.
  • Be the owner of multiple ways for income.
  • And, be able to beat the competition easily and effectively.

Another powerful guide for mastering AdSense is My AdSense Empire you might want to refer.

Ben Shaffer Negative

Ben Shaffer is a web guru from Israel, who has been making quite good name and fame in the industry. Though he cannot be considered to be one of the top webmasters, he can’t be concluded as someone who cannot be relied upon either. After a thorough research, we haven’t been able to find any negative reviews about Ben Shaffer.

Ben Shaffer Scam?

Ben Shaffer can never be considered as a scam. He and his little team are continually working to provide assistance to affiliate marketers. And, there hasn’t been any scam or frauds associated to his name till now.

Verdict – Guru Profile Rating: 3.5/5

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Ben Shaffer

Ben Shaffer, a web guru from Israel, is a hardworking and a dynamic person on the web. Ben involved himself in various projects that helped hundreds of striving webmasters. Therefore¸ he is an ideal person to talk & refer if you need any guidance in your online marketing endeavours.

Ben Shaffer Scam?

We rank the trustworthiness of a guru using a variety of factors, such as their overall reputation in the market, how much experience they have in Internet marketing, and the quality of their training as a whole. Below you can see our ratings for Ben Shaffer.

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