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Google Ambush by Andrew X & Steven Lee Jones

Google Ambush by Andrew X & Steven Lee Jones

Google Ambush, coaching software which enables the PPC marketers to control Google AdWords campaigns, got a huge buzz before it was launched in the market. Andrew X and Steven Lee Jones, the creators of the product made it extremely simple to use and helped marketers reduce hours of efforts, and minimized the guessing game, risk factors included in running Ads on Google. Almost sub-task of the entire campaign launching process such as finding niche, keyword research, generating ads and even setting the best prices – everything is included in it.

Google Ambush presents 6 coaching videos with 2 hours of informative content about almost every area of PPC marketing. These Videos are meant to resolve the queries of the beginners who eagerly await success through ad campaigns they carry-out on Google; thus this is a must-consider product for all the beginners striving hard to break the ice in their Pay per Click business. The best part is – you don’t have to be connected to the Internet for long hours, once you click the button it automates the process and provides the best of output to keep your campaign up and running for days.

Some of the critical aspects of Google Ambush that you must always watch out for are as follows. These critical features play an extremely important role in almost any kind of PPC marketing.

  • Finds Products

Finding products for an AdWords campaign is not an easy task to perform. But, Google Ambush reduces your work, tracks down the products rising high in the market for the last 30 days, and helps you find the product in demand. This is something that you wouldn’t get in every tool available in the market.

  • Researches Keywords

All the efforts, hardwork and sweat go in vain if the keywords selected are inappropriate and irrelevant. Inappropriate or wrong keywords could mean high advertising cost and competition. Therefore, the research tool in the software is basic and easy to use when compared to others in the market.

  • Campaign Loader and Tracker

Once, keyword research is done, it’s time to get started with the campaign.  Load your campaign using the keywords generated. Now, we have our ads aired on Google with those keywords; track the number of hits, and conversions per country.

Google Ambush, a Scam?

Google Ambush is a powerful tool designed by Andrew X and Steven Lee Jones for the affiliate marketers.  You surely have to spend some time before you could actually start generating great results. But don’t be like those who pass the judgement in just few hours of usage, which isn’t right thing to do. It’s not a scam and is rated high among the other products in the market.

Verdict: Not a Scam

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