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Mark Joyner's The Irresistible Offer is really a great read for all business people. Though his insights apply to online and offline marketing, it's especially important online, where you only have a few seconds to compel someone to stay on your site.

If you’re looking for great Internet marketing books, courses, and information, not only will you find this article informative, I think you’ll find this entire Internet marketing blog to be very useful to you.

As you can imagine, Internet marketing is a big industry, and there are sub-industries that help to make up the overall e-commerce market.  As such, there have been entire books and courses dedicated to these various sub-industries.    That’s why, in this article, not only will I tell you about 5 great Internet business books you should take a look at, I’ll also tell you about the different types of Internet marketing books.  These different types of books appeal to the different industries that make up Internet marketing as a whole.

Oh…before I forget, I should mention that not all great sources of web marketing information are in the form of physical books: there are a lot of good (and bad) Internet marketing ebooks that deal with online marketing.  In fact, this Internet marketing blog is a great source of reviews of Internet marketing e-books.

5 Great Internet Marketing Books

I’ve studied a lot of books, ebooks, and courses over the years.  Here are a few of the great physical books I’ve read.

The Irresistible Offer

Mark Joyner has been called “the god father of Internet marketing.”  That’s because even years before people came online, Mark was already there…revolutionizing and setting up a lot of the standard techniques that are used today in Internet marketing.  It’s said that Mark Joyner created the first e-book.  He also is credited with bringing the upsell (sometimes known as the one-time-offer) to the general Internet marketing audience.

The Irrestistible Offer lays down some of the core concepts behind what makes businesses successful.  The tagline, How To Sell Your Product or Service in 3 Seconds or Less, is really a challenge to live up to, but if you really follow what Mark has to say, you can do it, and your profits will be legendary.  Mark uses and analyzed Dominos Pizza as a great testament to what he teaches in this book.

This book is also available as an e-book from Simpleology, one of Mark’s websites.

The Great Formula

There are 3 basic steps behind all great fortunes, and that's what The Great Formula reveals. It's interesting to note that when this book first came out, The Davinci Code, which was then made into a movie, was at an all-time high. The Great Formula was the only book on Amazon to outsell The Davinci Code book the day The Davinci Code movie came out.

The core idea behind this book is that all great fortunes came about because of a 3-part formula.  Mark explains this formula, and shows how well-known, historical name brands that we grew up with fit meet the criteria of this 3-part formula.

One neat thing about this book is that there are several contributions from well-known Internet marketers.

This book is a best-seller, and on Amazon, even topped sales of Dan Brown’s book, The Davinci Code, on May 19th, 2006—the day The Davinci Code movie was released.

No BS Direct Marketing for Non-Direct Marketing Businesses

Dan Kennedy is one of the greats of marketing.  He’s written numerous books.  He’s actually been called “The Millionaire Maker,” because his books, programs, courses, and live seminars have helped a lot of people become successful.  His partner, Bill Glazer, is known for his “outrageous marketing” that gets results.

That’s really what Dan Kennedy and direct-response is all about: getting measurable results.  This book is great because it tells you the basic rules of direct-response marketing.

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The 4-Hour Work Week

If you're interested in Internet marketing books because you want to succeed and have time and financial freedom, this is a book you need to read.

The goal of business, for the entrepreneurs, is to become free.  Well…what if you only had to work 4 hours a week?  That’s what Tim Ferris—the author of this book—has been able to do.  He gives you the principles behind some business models that really free your time up.


Can you tell that I like Mark Joyner?  Even though this book might not be as directly related to Internet marketing as The Irresistible Offer and The Great Formula, there’s one area that all entrepreneurs need to improve: yourself.  This is a great book that challenges how you look at the world, and for getting your head straight about how to view the world and get success.

Internet Marketing Books: What You Need To Know

One thing to keep in mind is that his field changes rapidly.  It changes so rapidly that the Internet marketing textbooks that are in the universities are, to same degree, outdated (or obsolete) within 2 years after printing.  Sure, Internet advertising books and general business textbooks are great at establishing the basics of marketing and advertising, but the knowledge they impart needs to be continually updated.

Not only is this a book, but it's also a free program that can help you become more accomplished in your life. This book is by Mark Joyner.

Not only is this a book, but it's also a free program that can help you become more accomplished in your life. This book is by Mark Joyner.

One example of how books in our industry need to be continually revised and updated has to do with the constant search engine updates.   For example, the search engine giant, Google, pretty much finalized it’s Caffeine update in June 2010.  Ryan Deiss argued that this update was so significant that all SEO books written before June 2010 are obsolete.  Now, I wouldn’t go that far: the majority of search engine marketing books would at least educate you on the basics of search engine marketing.  But yes, Ryan did have a point about how things need to be constantly updated.

I’m sure there are some physical books that cover affiliate marketing, but if you’re looking for physical affiliate marketing books, I think you should also consider their digital counterparts (some of which are reviewed here).  The reason why I ask you to consider both physical and digital make money online books, are just so that you have a great idea of what’s available.  A lot of email marketing books that come in digital, downloadable .pdf format are written by people who have in-the-trenches experience.  And, unlike physical books, because they’re digital, a lot of downloadable books can be easily revised.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for Internet marketing books, be sure to learn more about the recommendations made in this article.

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