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Mark DulisseMark Dulisse, a Canadian national, is an eminent personality in the Internet marketing world. He entered into the Internet industry years ago after completion of  his education from The University of Winnipeg, where he studied subjects like Divinity, Theology and Psychology from 1989 -1991; Alliance University College/Nazarene University College where his subject was Theology from 1984-1989.

Although he was a student of theology, he has a bunch of other interests as well like camping, going to beaches, playing hockey, listening to music, reading, helping others and of all his foremost interest is having fun with his kids in the free time available. And, not to mention, his interest in the Internet grew with every passing day.

He worked hard and smart at the same time to make things possible and opened the doors to a successful career and a wonderful life. His interest in the Internet industry made him what he is today. And, presently he is a well known individual of a great stature who enjoys playing different roles such as Internet traffic consultant, a Certified Financial Planner, and a business strategist for online businesses.

Marks Dulisse’s Focal Point

First off, Mark is not someone who would stick to only one or two aspects of anything he does. He believes in trying-out various things simultaneously or one after the other. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to pin-point a specific focal point of Mark Dulisse.

But, I would give you an overview of the products he launched in the market to comprehend his area of interest/expertise in the field of Internet marketing. Some of the websites he launched are IM Niche Formula and Network Online Secrets. Hold on there and I would walk you through step-by-step and explain to you what kind of websites these are and what you would get from it.

Mark Dulisse Products

IM Niche Formula

The IM Niche Formula is a course designed and developed by Mark Dulisse for the Internet marketers who want to generate money online and at the same time grow their online business and take it to the new heights. It is a 6 weeks long course designed to help you understand the rules of Internet marketing in a much better way. The Course is divided into 9 modules, 8 standard modules and 1 bonus module. An email support centre is also available with this course to answer your questions and solve your queries related to the product and your business.

The design of the program is meant to teach you the step by step procedures needed to move ahead in your business. Steps such as:

  • Create an online business which yields a six figure income.
  • Create an exclusive online business that’s customer friendly.
  • Learn to authorize your websites on the search engines
  • Optimise your site to increase traffic and sales that could get you more affiliate commission on a day to day basis.
  • Learn all the procedures shown in the videos

The Gunshot Money

Gunshot money unlike IM Niche Formula is another product of Mark Dulisse which talks about online money making. This product helps you to target product name keywords for online marketing. With the Gunshot Money all you would learn is:

  • All about the new product releases.
  • How high priced marketing products are sold.
  • Knowledge on creation of blog and ranking in search engines.
  • Best SEO techniques you would ever find on the Internet.
  • Important points to remember while you run an AdWords campaign.
  • Search for resources that give you bonus.

Dominating Video

Dominating VideoThere’s one area of Internet marketing that a lot of Internet marketers have heard of, but for a number of reasons, have not added to their overall marketing efforts.  That area is video marketing.  Despite the promises of video marketing (increased exposure, higher conversions), some marketers are held back from using videos to share their message.

Well, Dominating Video, which was created with Alex Goad, is the answer to that.  With Dominating Video, you can expect to be taught what video marketing is, how it can benefit you, and how to conduct profitable video marketing campaigns.

Tube Fool

TubeFool adds a long-ignored aspect of real YouTube marketing: nearly instant traffic because of having a lot of subscribers on YouTube. If you'd like to learn more about how to collect subscribers very quickly, see our review of TubeFool.


Have you seen some marketers try to take advantage of YouTube marketing?  They upload a video and then…that’s it?  That’s because there’s more to just uploading a video when you want to get the full traffic benefit of YouTube.  It’s in your interest to gather friends and subscribers on YouTube, and that’s what TubeFool helps you to do in a very short time.  By having lots of subscribers, you can get nearly-instant views to your videos almost any time you upload them.  TubeFool is a joint effort between Mark and Alex Goad.

Mark Dulisse Negative

Mark Dulisse is a professional Internet Marketing consultant. He has been in the industry for quite some time and have leveraged all the opportunities provided by the industry in the best possible way. In his career as an online marketer, Mark hasn’t launched tonnes of products, but over the past couple of years, Mark has been consistently making over 5 Figure income.

Mark Dulisse Scam?

As far as Mark Dulisse is concerned, there has not been single news of him being involved in any kind of scam. Mark’s products always fulfilled the purpose of all those who bought it. Therefore, you can also rely on his products to meet the goals of your Internet Marketing ventures.


Mark Dulisse has always tried new things, with high potential and huge success rates. His product IM Niche Formula is one such example. He proved to be a real change in the current business scenarios across the globe by coming up with wonderful product(s). You can believe him and give a try to his products which are legitimate, real and result oriented.

Verdict: Mark Dulisse – Guru Trust Ranking: 4/5

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Mark Dulisse

Mark Dulisse is one of the well-known professional Internet Marketing consultants around, on the online world. With his experience, knowledge and expertise, Mark ensures that his clients, students are benefited to the maximum and explore the undercover secrets of Internet Marketing.

Mark Dulisse Scam?

We rank the trustworthiness of a guru using a variety of factors, such as their overall reputation in the market, how much experience they have in Internet marketing, and the quality of their training as a whole. Below you can see our ratings for Mark Dulisse.

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