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It’s known that Internet marketing becomes one of the flourishing fields on promoting a business online. But, some people misunderstand the difference between online public relations and web advertising. In fact, both of them are similar, but they are lightly different in some aspects which we are going to talk about in this article.

Before finding the differences between online PR and Internet marketing, we need to learn how to create a good business plan first. Having a strong foundation plan for your business will shorten the way to success and that means the challenges will be in decrease since you know what exactly you have to do.

Learn the Basics

Before running a business, you need to learn the basics of marketing whether online or offline. Studying the factors that affect your success means you can avoid any unwanted results. That is, you need to determine the following:

  • What you are offering.

  • Your target audience.

  • The main purposes of your business and offers.

  • What makes your offers different than others.

By this we mean that your Internet marketing plan should include information about the business you are about to run, how it helps people, tools used to reach the target customers, methods to beat other competitors, techniques to increase your presence so that your targets can easily find you, and so on.

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Online Public Relations vs. Online Marketing

While educating your-self, there is a need to understand the difference between PR and online marketing. Some Internet marketers understand that PR means Page Rank; however there is another important meaning of it which is Public Relations. Let’s start our comparison between those two idioms!

  • The Purpose: In Internet marketing, the messages are pointed to a specific sale, designed to increase revenue in some way. On the other hand, with PR, the messages are designed to exhibit a specific cause or the value of a business. They are not directly for promotion.

  • The Targets: In Internet marketing, you follow some strategies to be able to reach enormous amounts of target customers in a target market; however Public Relations give you the ability to draw target audience’s attention to your business. Make sure to understand that a target market is just one target audience. That means that PR is bigger than Internet marketing.

  • The Tools: It seems that both PR and Internet marketing use the same tools and methods; however those tools are used in different ways. With the large numbers of tools and tactics used nowadays to promote a business online, there is no wonder there’s confusion between the two different principles – Online Public Relations and Online Marketing.

The Techniques Used in Internet marketing

Internet marketing methods can help your business grow up, employing strategic tactics for increasing your popularity and attracting lots of target traffic to your business website. For instance, you can use the following IM techniques:

  • Paid advertising methods including PPC, banner ads, Facebook adverts, text link ads, etc.

  • Free link exchange, link building, blog comments, forum sharing, and the like.

  • Sales letters which can work on boosting revenues.

  • Social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, and the more.

  • Social bookmarking websites like Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious, and the more.

  • Article marketing in which businesses write short articles pointed to their respective industries.

  • Email marketing methods which are used for promotional purposes.

  • Free reports and ebooks.

The Tactics Used in Online Public Relations

On the other side, there are different ways to promote a business, using Online Public Relations Tactics such as:

  • Press Release and news release.

  • Blogging and Articles.

  • Email marketing which allows marketers to send newsletters or informative mails to the subscribers.

  • Social media including forums, weblogs, social blogs, podcasts, wikis, micro-blogging, videos, pictures, etc.

  • Website news room which is designed to develop and maintain web sites.

  • Editorial calendars, contacts, support and direction.

  • Viral Public Relations which enables you to send content to those untapped resources.

  • Monitoring tools like Google Alerts.

As you can see, Internet marketing seems to be a method for increasing sales, traffic numbers, revenues, etc. Online Public Relations is more like a tool providing a big picture of how your business is utilizing the same tools used in Internet marketing but to communicate with all groups of people.

Whatever your choices are, make sure to understand every single bit about Internet marketing, affiliate marketing, niche marketing, and the more. All you have to do is to surf the net and gain experience from a reputable Internet marketing blog.

For those who want to make their business look professional, it’s important to understand the difference between Internet marketing tools and online public relations tactics, so that they can learn how to use each one effectively. The best advice for today is to

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