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Sean D’Souza – an emerging name in the Copywriting industry. Sean, along with being a Copywriter, is a graphic designer, cartoon & web designer and also a speaker. Plus, he is also a business consultant. One man, multiple roles, but he is yet to reach a point wherein people can start recognizing him; having said that, he has had a good start already. In his career, Sean has authored three successful books such as “Brain Audit, Website Secrets, and Swift Kick.” All of them are based on how to make online income. His expertise in Sales Psychology and marketing has been greatly appreciated and acknowledged in the industry.

Sean’s Dad was a teacher, mum was a teacher and in fact, his grandmother was also a teacher. Which simply means, he comes from a highly and educated and respectable family; no wonder he has the art of communicating and convincing people with ease. And, when people ask him if he is a psychologist, he simply replies – “No, I am not a psychologist, but I understand a good deal of customers think and how to tap into their minds to get sales.”

Sean D’Souza’s Focal Point

There are many things that Sean has expertise in, both online and offline; however, his real talent lies in his copywriting skills. In order to bring out his knowledge and expertise to the world, Sean has written various books and created couple of high-end and resourceful websites namely – Psycho Tactics and 5000bc. As you continue to read further, you would understand more about these products. So, stick around and finish reading…

Sean D’Souza’s Product Portfolio


Psychotactics is basically website created to help marketers get informative and quality articles on variety of topics such as Advertising, Branding, Customer Retention, Customer Psychology and Internet Marketing. On the website, there are multiple things that you can get access to – when I say multiple things; I am referring to service, fun stuff such as cartoons, fun blog, and podcasts.

Plus, there are a lot of unique tips and techniques that he personally uses in order to help the visitors.

This is yet another product from Sean created in order to assist businessmen and small-scale entrepreneurs. In this also, he tries to provide some really cool solutions with knowledgeable business consulting.

The membership site charges nearly $239 per year for people to join and to get access to some valuable resources. Few things that are available to the regular members are –

  • Hidden Articles
  • Checklists
  • And, Fluid Brain

Sean D’Souza Negative

Sean is a young, talented and dynamic individual who believes in providing quality in order to attain success. There are no negative reports or claims against him present on the web; so, I am quite confident that he and his strategies can be of good help if considered.

Sean D’Souza Scam?

Sean D’Souza, an expert copywriter and a professional business consultant, has been facilitating people with his service to others for quite a while now. According to our search, he is highly reliable and genuine in his services. If you want, you can consider taking advice from him.

Verdict: Guru Profile Rating – 3.5/5

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Sean D’Souza

Sean D’Souza is a professional copywriter, a sales expert and a business consultant. He writes helpful and informative articles on various article directories and for his clients. In his career, Sean has launched multiple books, and couple of high-end websites.

Sean D’Souza Scam?

We rank the trustworthiness of a guru using a variety of factors, such as their overall reputation in the market, how much experience they have in Internet marketing, and the quality of their training as a whole. Below you can see our ratings for Sean D’Souza.

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