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If you have been present in the industry for quite some time, then you would certainly know who Spike Humer is. He is an expert, web marketer, entrepreneur, and business consultant. Over the past 25 years, Spike has helped hundreds of freelance entrepreneurs, small businesses and a lot of multi-million dollar enterprises. A lot of individuals treat him as an expert in his area and always turn towards him whenever they need any advice. His strategies are used not just by the newbies but also highly advanced and experienced business professionals.

Besides beings a professional consultant, Spike also gives out lectures and speeches throughout United States of America, Asia, and even Europe. He has had an opportunity to share the dais with some really big names such as Tony Blair, Jay Abraham, Rich Schefren and Darren Stephens. And, all of them consider Spike to be a very insightful person to be with; here is what Jay Abraham said about him – “Spike is probably the finest business performance enhancement specialist I have ever met and an utter master at finding the underperforming leveraging spots that are keeping your business from soaring!”

Spike Humer’s Focal Point

Even though Spike has not been a hardcore Internet marketer, he has good understanding about how things work and has good relationship with a lot of famous webmasters. However, apart from being a full-time business advisor and an expert consultant, Spike concentrates on writing books, public lectures & speeches. Couple of products he has worked on are The Grand Assertion and Vision Made Real. The latter is a summit being conducted in partnership with another marketing veteran Brian Johnson, who also holds amazing experience in operations, management, marketing, and investments.

Spike Humer’s Product Portfolio

Vision Made Real

Vision Made Real is a summit organized and conducted by the duo entrepreneurs, Spike Humer and Brian Johnson. In this summit, he has tried to implement all the learning and methods he learnt over a period of 30 years; and a lot of attendees said it’s is worth paying & attending it. Here are some of the most important topics he tried to cover at the event:

  1. How to allure marketers to consider only your offer and not your competitors.
  2. Communicate in ways that can prove to your prospects that you can resolve their problems.
  3. Build a clear-cut vision for your business endeavours, so that you can follow a path effectively.
  4. In short, learn the ins and outs of launching a successful web business.

However the product is expected to hit the market on July 22nd, 2010. So, stick around as we’ll bring you the exclusive review of his program on our Internet marketing blog.

Spike Humer Negative

Spike Humer is a professional online entrepreneur, business consultant, and an author. He has been in the field of online marketing for quite some time and have worked really hard to reach wherever he is today. Now, in spite of conducting a detailed research about him, we could not find any negative review about him.

Spike Humer Scam?

Spike Humer is these days pretty busy with his next big launch, Vision Made Real, and apparently, there is a good amount of buzz already among webmasters. Why? Because they believe Spike always provides quality. So, someone who is trusted and looked upon by fellow webmasters can never be scam.

Verdict: Guru Profile Rating – 4/5

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Spike Humer

Spike Humer has been in the industry for quite a few years now. He has worked on various projects in which he taught about generating online income. In fact, a lot of webmasters make their living from the comfort of their homes only by following his advice.

Spike Humer Scam?

We rank the trustworthiness of a guru using a variety of factors, such as their overall reputation in the market, how much experience they have in Internet marketing, and the quality of their training as a whole. Below you can see our ratings for Spike Humer.

Spike Humer Social Media

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