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Internet advertising business criteria: What to look for when choosing an advertising business, and what to do when starting an Internet advertising business. This article is written for 2 audiences: the person who’s looking for an Internet marketing business or online marketing company to take care of their advertising needs, and second, the person who’s [...]

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Pay Per Click: The Basics of PPC Marketing

June 14, 2010

What is Pay Per Click or PPC Marketing? The concept in a nutshell is that marketers purchase sponsored text ads which then show up on the SERPs (search engine results pages).  Instead of paying for an advertisement in advance, businesses will pay a pre-determined fee (which they bid on) each time a customer clicks on [...]

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Epic Traffic Systems’ Creators Release Third Content Video

June 14, 2010

Epic Traffic Systems’ Adwords image ads component can really bring in a lot of cheap traffic to your site. For more information, plus great software, read this Epic Traffic Systems news item.

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G Traffic Loophole

May 17, 2010

G Traffic Loophole is based on a “secret” that most Adwords advertisers just don’t know about. It’s not a trick, a hack, or “just” the content network. It’s something that not a lot of people know, and now’s the time to get in before the word gets out. For more information, read this review of G Traffic Loophole.

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How to Use Adwords Editor for Keyword Grouping

April 9, 2010

The use of Adwords editor is an amazing timesaver. This allows you to upload and edit your campaigns without too much hassle and also you can do it when you don’t have access to the Internet. If you follow the strategy in this post where we talked about how a Special Forces sniper would start [...]

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Google Adwords Keyword Tool

April 7, 2010

The Google Adwords Keyword Tool: What is it? Who is it for, and how is it used? If you’re new to the online marketing field, keyword research will be a staple of everything you do. A great asset for keyword research is the Google Adwords External Keyword Tool. Learn the tips that this experienced user has to share with you.

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Improving SEO and User Experience Pt 1: Google’s Core Value

March 26, 2010

Google keeps a lot of secrets from us.  In terms of SEO, you can only be sure about some action that may or may not help by extensively testing in different environments. For example, we know that your title tag plays a super-important role in how you show up in the search engines for terms [...]

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Google Ambush

March 18, 2010

Google Ambush, coaching software which enables the PPC marketers to control Google AdWords campaigns, got a huge buzz before it was launched in the market. Andrew X and Steven Lee Jones, the creators of the product made it extremely simple to use and helped marketers reduce hours of efforts, and minimized the guessing game, risk [...]

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Pro Exclusive: Interview with Expert Dr. Glenn Livingston

February 24, 2010

Want to take your Adwords game to a level where most will never get? Perhaps the place to start is by listening to this exclusive interview between industry experts Dr. Glenn Livingston and Alex Goad.

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