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Profit Focus 2013


We’re here to help you Profit online! 2012 was a busy year full of twists, turns, profit, and SEO surprises. As the year progressed, I found myself with less time to write, and growing tired of talking about SEO. Finally,...
5 Golden Email Marketing Tweaks to Make Your Promotions NOT Suck
Having a targeted email list and using effective email marketing is like owning a personal bank machine… but only as long as you do it right. Most people don’t. It’s important to note, that I’ve run email campaigns that have...
Why Google loves authors, and you should too!
The next BIG THING in SEO is coming soon to a browser near you! Hey, there… longtime readers – remember way back some 8 months ago when I shared about a new Google trick to get your image in search?...
Google News: Search Changes for August and September
Late Breaking News: Google has once again decided to release change updates in two month increments. And once again they are a lot more quiet on the juicy details. Still, I love going through these, and you should too because...
Traffic Master Series Part 4 – Tracking
Track or FAIL! Ok, maybe that sounds a bit harsh. Too bad… that’s the point. Let me break down the problem with most folks that go about building a business online. They know full well nearly ever method, trick, and...
Traffic Master Series Part 3 – Money System
Show me the money system! Let’s continuing our Traffic Master Series by talking about systems. If you want to make money online, you had better setup a a plan to collect it from your visitors. Systems are the machines that control...
Traffic Master Series Part 2 – Product
Welcome to Part 2 of the Ultimate Paid Traffic Plan Let’s continue on our epic journey to learning and using paid traffic.  If you missed the Traffic Master Series overview, go back and have a quick look as it will...
Kick Google to the Waste Bin – Traffic Master Series Part 1:
Are You Ready To Kick Google to the Waste Bin and Learn How To Turn on NEW Massive Traffic Sources WHENEVER You Want? Don’t get me wrong, I love free Google website traffic. I’m just saying, maybe it’s not a...
Treat Google Like A Crazy Jealous Ex for More Website Traffic
Now that Google has started using crazy head games it’s time to consider your options, and maybe start playing the field. In case you missed it, Google has officially gone off the deep end in pursuit of anti-SEO technology. While...
Google’s Latest SEO Hustle: The Jokes On You
Google’s got a new trick, and the jokes on you! It’s official. The U.S. patent office confirms it. Google is pushing the boundaries of transparency off a cliff. If the attack on links wasn’t the death of SEO, then it...

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Video PPC Sniper


Video PPC Sniper
Video PPC Sniper Video is one of the hottest things to sell to local businesses. The thing is, most offline marketers are only focused on video production and ranking services, leaving out one of the most lucrative and easy services to offer…video advertising. Just today Neil...

Dominating Video

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Dominating Video
Dominating Video is a video marketing domination product from Alex Goad and Mark Dulisse.  See this review for more information on Dominating Video. As an Internet marketer, you’re always looking for ways to expand your reach, promote your products and...

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