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About Us:

Promoted Profits is committed to bringing you the best in marketing, and making money online.  Forget the bogus hype you’ve seen before and get ready for some real proven advanced money making lessons.

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About Ross:

Find Out How A “Regular Dude” That Nearly Quit Online
Became Owner of The Biggest Blog In Internet Marketing

Search for nearly any product, guru, or phrase in Internet Marketing and you’re going to find this site with me and my goofy grin.

So let me ask you…

How do you suppose a normal guy like me gets to a place like that?

Hi, my name is Ross Carrel.

I’m what you call ‘laid back’.  A regular down to earth ordinary guy.

You could say I’m just like one of the boys.  I like sports, beer, and all the usual stuff.

But there’s one BIG difference between ME and everyone else.

While everyone is busy working like a dog for some jerk of a boss they hate…

I’m busy LOVING every minute of my life and the freedom of earning a living by making money online.

But please don’t get me wrong…

I’m not saying this to brag or show off, I just want to show you how my life has changed since learning how to make a full time income online.

And don’t worry, I’m not going to pretend I’m some kind of wild and crazy billionaire playboy.

In fact, it’s the simple things I enjoy the most about working online that I want to share…

I mean, can you imagine how good it feels to stroll down the sidewalk drenched in the afternoon sun, without a care in the world?

There’s something about the freedom and simplicity of it.

I get the biggest thrill out of just going out and walking down the street for a cup of hot Starbucks coffee.

Every morning after the sun is nice and toasty, I open my door and head off to the coffee shop at the end of the street… and I absolutely LOVE it!

Or when I’m really feeling good I’ll head off to the gym to throw some weight around.

Now after the previous picture I hate to admit this, but sometimes if I’m feeling extra lazy, I don’t even make it out of bed!

(try telling your boss you can’t make it cuz you feel lazy today – see how well that goes!)

But it wasn’t always this way, and feel like I’m really lucky to be here today…

There was a time when I almost gave up for good.

But I’m jumping ahead of myself.. let’s start at the beginning.

You see, I’ve always loved making money.  (who doesn’t?)

In my late teens, I got into the internet and started selling car parts through forums.  I’d also get parts online and fix up other people’s cars for extra money.

Things were going well and I started exploring other stuff to sell that might be easier or faster.

I was actually making some decent money selling parts, and a few other different  products.

But it wasn’t long until I screwed it all up.

One day I discovered this “internet marketing” community thing and I started to realize there’s a lot more ways to make money online than I ever could have imagined.

I read about these guys selling software and information products (like “how-to” stuff), and absolutely making a fortune.

I was amazed at how much money these guys were actually getting paid.

In just a few minutes work they were making as much as I’d make spending all year getting greasy, dirty, and busting my knuckles on someone else’s car.

I had to learn this stuff.

You might say I went a little overboard buying everything I could get my hands on to figure out what they were doing.

I was trying to learn EVERYTHING about the internet, but I still felt like I was all alone trying to solve some giant mystery.

Nothing was working, and I was beginning to doubt if it ever would.

It wasn’t long before I was frustrated, confused, and broke.

The irony of it all, in trying to make more money I lost sight of everything I used to know about actually making anything at all.

Fed up and sick of going in circles, I knew I had to take action now or else get buried in debt.

What I was doing clearly wasn’t working and it was time to make a big change if I wanted to see some REAL results.

I’d like to say it all came together at that point, but the truth is…

I ran away like a little wimp.

You see, I had three choices – the internet, a job, and one other choice.

I had already screwed up this internet stuff.

Then I thought back to the one or two jobs I’ve had in my life, and remembered how much I HATED working for someone else.

The thought of sitting there locked in a room for hours, trying to look busy is too much for me to handle.

Trouble is, I had to do something fast.  I was desperate.

So I decided to take door number three – the easy road.

I quit messing with websites, put off work, and headed to college.   At least then maybe I could get a better job than the hot miserable warehouse work I did as a teenager.

(I was the first in my family to go to a 4 year university, and my parents were so proud)

Accounting seemed like a smart choice (decent pay and a cold office indoors!), so that’s exactly what I chose.

But the trouble is – I love marketing and DID NOT want to become an accountant.

So I took classes for marketing too…

Unfortunately, my teachers didn’t know the first thing about marketing online and my classmates didn’t have the slightest clue about selling ANYTHING at all.

More and more I felt like I could care less about my school or the people in it, because deep down I knew that they weren’t going to get me any closer to my dreams.

So with every chance I could get in between classes, late at night, and sometimes even during school, I started working online again.

My wife thought I was crazy spending hours on nothing, and just hoping I would focus on my grades and school.  And you know, she was sort of right at first.  I was still falling right back into old habits.

But this time I did something different, and I was determined to show everyone I could make it.

I finally invested in myself, and found some real experts to help me figure this all out.  I got some personal coaching from some great mentors, found some solid info products, invested in high quality software, and started to focus.

And… I finally started making some money!

It was great…

I wasn’t making a fortune, but it didn’t matter.  I saw a light at the end of the tunnel and finally knew where to keep going.

And while my friends were stressing about tests and the miserable economy, I was relaxing in my very own office complete with a mini-fridge!  (where I only keep water of course)

I even had my very own full time assistant to manage my school and work calendar!

By that time I was getting awesome results in the search engines, and finally making all the right connections.  I just knew how to make things happen.

As you can imagine, I couldn’t wait to get out of school and finally go full time online…

As soon as I finished my last class and got my diploma I could have just thrown it out if it weren’t for my folks being so proud. (parents brag on that stuff I guess?)

In fact, now that I think about it… I realized that I hung up my degree but never even bothered to put my picture in it. I suppose that about says it all.

But I think they were most impressed if not a bit surprised, when after finishing school I went on ZERO job interviews, announced that I was already “working”, promptly got a nice new apartment, and had all the free time in the world to visit them, travel, and come and go as I pleased.

And I knew I made the right choice when just the other day on Facebook I saw someone from school posting desperately in search of a job.

Thankfully I won’t ever have to worry about that because now I have my own business and I’m also running one of the biggest blogs in internet marketing.

Thousands and thousands of people visit my site, and read my words.  It’s incredible.

I would literally have to shut down the site just to stop the mass rush of traffic.

And so after all the things I’ve tried and been through I feel like I can now proudly share with you this simple truth about making money online.

Making Money Online Will Change Your Life Forever

And just think a second about this – I almost quit and lost it all!  Can you imagine?

These days, I wouldn’t trade this business for the world.

I sincerely hope you can learn from my mistakes as I share my journey with you.

But Why Did I Choose To Get Into Teaching & Blogging About Internet Marketing?

Great question!

I’m sure there’s at least a few people that think, yeah right those guru guys would never make a dime if they didn’t sell stuff about making money.

I can understand that feeling.  A lot of other people feel that way too.

But I’ll let you in on a secret.

I don’t really care.

I never wanted to be one those “guru” type people.  It just seems like too much work and pressure. I haven’t got some amazing million dollars in ten seconds story and I couldn’t make one up if I tried.

I don’t need to.  I make an easy carefree living, and I am thrilled!

And I bet you’d be thrilled too, even if you only learned how to make enough for your car payment every month!  It’s seriously exciting stuff, and that’s what’s important.

Besides, I’d just as soon relax, travel, and have fun, than be pushed into the spotlight like that.  (and I’ve been doing exactly that for a while now)

The fact is, I love selling all kinds of stuff online – not just information about internet marketing.

Here’s the problem though.

I know it’s not easy trying to make it online AND manage work and family.  I know exactly what it’s like to feel trapped and struggling all night trying to figure things out.

And I realized that people really do want to know what I’ve been through, and learn from my success and mistakes.

Even if I don’t have a Lamborghini and an army of scantily clad girls to show you how important I am…

….or do I?  hahahaha

But seriously…

Because of this, I’d feel like a real jerk knowing other people like me…people that are ready to take action and learn… are suffering right now through the exact same things I went through, while I blissfully ignore them.

I actually feel obligated to help, and it turns out that once I finally did -

I discovered it was an incredibly cool job to have.

Stick around, and I’ll share how satisfying it is to be able to have hundreds and thousands of dollars in affiliate commissions come in while at the gym, asleep, or even strolling down the sidewalk on the way for a fresh cup of coffee.

Once you experience it you’ll never be the same!

Promoted Profits has reviewed thousands of systems for making money online.

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fresh money

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NOTE: We believe in supporting good companies, people, and products. If you have any experiences that are not in line with our values please do not hesitate to let us know so we can investigate further.

47 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Rocky Johnson

    Bought Mark McClure’s Insane Marketing Strategies program after seeing him on Fox Business Network late night numerous times. GREAT program. Wanted to see if you had reviewed his “Sitting on Millions” program and your thoughts?

    • Ross

      Haven’t seen it, got a link?

  2. Ross,
    I just discovered your website and will continue to read your tips on Internet Marketing. Do you ever find yourself getting overwhelmed with all the many things there are to do in your daily tasks? This seems to be what a lot of Internet Marketers experience? Your thoughts…

    • Ross

      Most definitely. My biggest failure to date has been trying to take on everything myself. The ultimate goal is to learn what’s truly important, and delegate the rest. Sometimes it means saving up a bit more and investing in professional assistance. Maybe it’s just a matter of pride and letting others shine instead of micro managing every detail. Regardless of the roadblock, we don’t have enough time in the day to do everything we want, and we never will. The good news – Nothing says we have to do this alone in the late night hours behind a glowing screen. Find your strengths and let others pickup your weakness. Especially if it means making more than you would doing it all on your own.

  3. pretty cool story bro. and im loving the, “try telling your boss you can’t make it cuz you feel lazy today – see how well that goes!”

    haha, that a good one. i must sincerely say, we are blessed to have atleast a basic understanding of how to make money online. I count my blessings everyday knowing i can spend more time with my family and do the things i wanna do everytime i wake up :)


    • Ross

      Thanks for the note. It sure is great isn’t it!

  4. James Delnort

    Hi Ross! Excellent blog. Care to share the name of the blog template you’re using? Sincerely, James

    • Ross

      Thanks, I really appreciate it. The template is actually no template at all. I made it up and coded it myself.

  5. Josh


    I’m Josh, I represent a social media manager site. I Came across your site and found interesting materials related
    to what we offer.

    I was wondering If we could do a business sponsorships with your site. Please send me a reply If you are interested
    I am not really sure If I was contacting the right email.

    Looking forward,

  6. Will

    With sooo many Gurus like Jeff Johnson, Ryan Deiss, Tristan Bull, Buchard’s new course out there offering the next new must course and a billion products as bonuses…how can we compete?

    Can I eliminate all those gurus and get your course? Is it really all I will need?

    • Ross

      Great questions. Here are a few of my thoughts.

      #1. To compete…

      You need to speak to a specific market, and create bonding and trust first. (you should still do bonuses though)

      Those guys like anyone else built up a following of loyal fans by continually producing good quality to them, building up a list, and cross promoting to build the list even bigger. You can become more important to an audience than those guys by being the one your audience continually learns from and likes better. Besides, there are plenty of folks that have never even heard of those “gurus”. Just because they are big names to you doesn’t mean they are everything to everyone. There are also plenty of folks that don’t even like those guys.

      Marketing is also about finding different areas to compete. By finding new angles, categories, niches, etc you can create your own playing field where they aren’t even a factor.

      You also don’t have to do it all alone. Partnerships are another great way to compete against bigger players, and even get great bonuses.

      #2. Hah, I’m sure some people would love to “eliminate all those gurus” but the law might have something to say about that. But seriously, I don’t believe there is an all in one anything in life. I am always learning new things myself. If one course claimed to have every single answer ever needed I’d be skeptical.

      As for choosing me over them… if you find more value and have a better connection with me and the things I share, than by all means I would be glad to help. If you want to follow those dudes, go ahead.

      That’s what’s great about the internet. There’s a lot of ways to reach the end goal. Personally, and I firmly believe this, but he who controls traffic and masters website promotion can do anything online. I’ve generated sales in completely unrelated markets simply by knowing different ways to find buyers.

      With regards to choosing courses, you want to start with a self evaluation. Be realistic about what level you’re at, and what you need to learn to progress. Is the course for a beginner, or someone that already has a big established business, etc…

  7. Wow. Very professional looking website! What content management system are you running? Doesn’t look like WordPress. I don’t see a Powered by WP symbol anywhere. Great looking graphics too!

    Making money online often is not about how great your website looks but the content it delivers to the audience in conjunction with ultimate sales proposition.

    Thanks, Dude.

    Dan Tetreault.
    Victoria, BC

    • Ross

      Thanks. It’s WordPress. I design and manage the site. Very true on the content and sales prop. Start there, but a quality look is important for the next step. I think most people worry to much about design first though. Great comment.

  8. Hi! boss , its really great to meet you. you’ve awesome blog. you design and manage the site. its truly great. I made up my mind to be owner such type of site. your blog will inspire me a great deal have I ever seen. Good luck and run well.

    Thanks by
    Shohel Rana, Bangladesh

    • Ross

      Thanks much! Welcome to the site and hope to see you around more.

  9. LuSundra Everett

    I found your site looking for a business plan. I teach internet marketing to small and home-based business owners. I’m forming a company to do it, and was looking for something with some numbers – statistics, average fees, and such. Do you have a resource for that?

    • Ross

      Sorry I do not have that. I do know that the information is much more valuable when sold to offline business owners than online “opportunity seekers.” If you are targeting local businesses check with your chamber of commerce. They often have programs to assist with business planning a well. You can try looking at similar service providers to get an idea to start on fees. Also from a company perspective and the accountant side of me insists that you look at expenses and plan those out as accurately as possible. Will you need servers, labor, outsourcing, office space, marketing materials, etc? Start there, as you’ll definitely want to know what it takes to break even. It’s fun to only think about how much you’ll make, but if it requires a volume you can’t attain and you can’t pay expenses it’s not so fun anymore. Best to know upfront what that number is going to be. Good luck. Thanks for visiting.

  10. ricardo

    Hello Ross, I’m glad I found your site. I loved your story of life. I identify myself because I am going allmost through the same. Right now I feel sad because my vacations is over and I’ll go to my job I hate again. I have read and made ??attempts in internet marketing but I am confused with so much information about making money online. I look forward to receive your 100$ a day videos in my email. I believe in you.
    Thanks for being around.
    Greetings from Portugal – Açores Islands

    • Ross

      Thanks for the note. There’s a lot to learn, but I hope you can benefit and pick up some new things from the videos.

  11. I can relate to your story. I was introduced to Internet Marketing as a teenager, dabbled in different opportunities, spent a lot of money, made a little and decided to go to school. I’m currently working a full time job at a marketing company in South Florida (I think we can relate here as well referencing the photo of you diploma :) ) but like you I’ve always known making money online and living the internet lifestyle (having the freedom to work when and where I want) was the path I would pursue. Beginning the journey and look forward to the experiences to come, will definitely reference your site for future research. Thanks.

    • Ross

      Thanks so much for sharing. My best advice is to find what type of work makes you happy, and focus on that. Outsource the rest of the business. I spent too many years trying to learn everything on my own. Personally I am very creative and a bit A.D.D. so writing, designing, programming, and developing products, keep my mind entertained, while I have others that take care of the things that don’t. Trying to tackle everything on your own just flat doesn’t work! Good luck on your own path.

  12. Ross, keep it up. I’m living a similar dream. Love to hear of others doing the same. All my best – TIM

    • Ross

      Thanks… I see you’re from Miami, I’m just a few hours north in Tampa. Also noticed you were out at AFSW this year. You’ll have to shout before your next big conference trip and we’ll try to meet up.

  13. I saw that you posted a job on ODesk.com to have someone set up your google authorship so you’d show up on google search results. I see that it is working. Did you hire someone particular to do that? I’m looking for someone. Thanks! Adrian

  14. Sambath

    Ross, this is one rocking blog. I’m sure I will spend time reading ur blog more on penguin update. Keep up the great work on up to date information!! Love it

    • Ross

      Cool thanks, and glad to have you visit.

  15. Hey Ross, it was great meeting you at the Clickbank Exchange last week. You revealed something that nobody has ever stated and it’s currently one of the biggest problems hurting product developers in the internet marketing industry. I just wanted to stop by your blog and let you know that I gave you a mention in my Clickbank Exchange review. To anyone who reads this comment… Ross is the real deal. ;-)

    • Ross

      This comment, and subsequently related post is so smart it’s not even funny. I’m too “laid back” as you say to use this tactic but man is it good. I need to hire someone to do more of it. Feel free to comment on my wrap-up of the weekend as well.

  16. Amaury

    Hey Ross!
    I live in Brasil and I’m a completelly newbie.
    I’ve been searching for a legit not a scam way to make money online and give a better life for my family.
    I saw your webiste and got very confident about you.
    Please,my friend I’m really tired to try and I’m still so confused on how to make money throught the internet.
    How can I learn with you?
    I’ll wait for your sincere answer.
    Thank you for your attention.
    All the best for you.

    • Ross

      I am sorry for the late reply. I do not offer any personal coaching options, but I do share some epic content on the blog. Personally, I find it all starts with learning how to sell. Recognize what people consider valuable. No amount of tricks or methods will help if you miss this one big point. Once you learn that, then methods can be adapted and used to improve your ability to sell to more people. That’s internet marketing in shorthand. Learn what motivates people regardless of the medium. We all operate within a familiar framework on and offline. The internet just makes it slightly easier to reach the entire planet as your location perfectly illustrates ;)

  17. james boyle

    wow, what a remarkable and stand up guy you are. I like so many others are just realizing this is the path I want to follow. Unfortunately I am embarrassed to say at my age, 30, I know very little about internet marketing but am looking to embark on this at the moment, can you advise me as to what my next step should be? many thanks in advance

    • Ross

      It’s all good… start with your skills. A good honest assessment of all your skills and weaknesses is the absolute best place to start. Sit down make a two column list on a sheet of paper. It will guide you in whatever you do, online or off. As for online, it will help you learn what you want to focus on, and what you need to partner up or outsource.

  18. james boyle

    Hi Ross, many thanks for your reply. Having done the above, how do I get started online? many many thanks, James

    • Ross

      #1. Avoid any task that relies too much on your weaknesses. Find a way to outsource or partner on it. If you can’t do tech, don’t bother trying to learn tech. Focus on making money with the skills you have. This is the secret to making work, not like work, which makes earning much less difficult.

      #2. Study different models based on things that interest you. How are other sites making money? What markets are you interested in, and who are the market leaders. What do they do that you might want to try?

      #3. Decide what type of business you want to run online based on those skills and weaknesses.
      (for example…don’t become a networking type JV broker if you hate networking and talking to people all day everyday!)

      #4. Pick some basic courses from an expert or two, or even consider personal coaching and training if you can afford from a successful example you’ve found.

  19. james boyle

    Thanks Ross I have signed up for your traffic master series.

  20. james boyle

    Hi Ross James again, would there be anyway i could send you a pm, just wanted to run something by you which i am unsure of? many thanks

    • Ross

      You can reach me at the email I replied to earlier ;)

  21. Bright

    I came across your site
    And found your story to inspire me

    Thank you

  22. Hey Ross, I like the way you are describing yourself as a laid back and down-to-earth guy because that’s the best way to be.

    Bruno Babic

  23. Joe Henning

    Hi Ross,

    Came across your site and enjoyed reading your story, to which I relate in many ways, having spent a lot of money trying to learn as much as I can, but still stumbling over some basics and not yet having reached the point where I could make a car payment with my internet earnings, which is very frustrating… What I, and probably every other reader, wish to know is how do you find those who have a specific need and who is in the position to like what I am offering and who then would buy from my link? In your reply to Will, you said a lot, but specifically “he who controls traffic and masters website promotion can do anything online”….. HOW??????? Google Adsense? Your own products designed for a certain group or do you just whip it into Warrior Forum and hope for the best?

    Wishing you all the best?

    • Ross

      Maybe you’re thinking about it from the wrong side. Instead of where are you going to get traffic, or find buyers… think about where the ideal customer is already going, what are they already searching for, what problems do they have. Then put yourself there, and answer those problems. (kind of like, how I have a blog where people literally tell me the most pressing questions and problems) Go read some other blogs, dig through comments, read through forums, etc.

      If you know your ideal customer, you should have an idea of what forums they visit, what articles and websites they read, what age they are, what places they visit, what FB pages they like, what hobbies they are into, who’s the top authorities already, etc.

      Traffic isn’t a magic do this one thing solution either. In fact, I have a post of 43 different traffic sources you may want to read…


      It sounds to me like you are trying to skip past the market research phase. I suggest spending a bit more time defining and exploring the market you want to sell to, or finding someone to partner with that knows it already.

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