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Bryan McConnahea with wife Mandy. Bryan McConnahea is a full-time affiliate marketer who works with Alex Goad, and is the creator of Authority Pro.

Bryan McConnahea: Who is he, and why should you consider Bryan McConnahea’s products?  See this profile for comprehensive information on Bryan McConnahea.

Bryan McConnahea is a 24-year-old, full-time affiliate marketer who currently resides in Montreal, Canada, with his wife, Amandine.  He has about 6 years of Internet marketing experience.  Although Bryan, compared to a lot of the other Internet marketers you hear about, is not a “big name,” you’re about to find out that Bryan, alone, is just as capable as a lot of the big names you hear about.  That is, while other big names need professional help to do a lot of the things they do (coding work, writing copy, split-testing, sending e-mails, etc.), Bryan himself can—and has—done all that.

Yes, Bryan can write copy, knows marketing, does split-testing, and knows how to code.  In fact, one of his products, which you’ll find out more about below, is called Authority Pro.  The neat thing is that Bryan built (coded) Authority Pro from the ground up.  By himself.  No passing it off to some programmer and then putting his name on it.  Nope.  Instead, Bryan knows his product inside and out.

More specifically, here’s a list of the skills that I know that Bryan possesses.  He may have more skills, but for sure, Bryan:

  • As a copywriter, has written copy for several big names in the Industry
  • In fact, Bryan  wrote one or two e-mails that brought in 5- or 6-figure results.
  • Bryan knows about marketing.  And, I don’t mean that lightly.  He knows how to split test,  how to create offers, how to build a list, and otherwise perform an entire array of tasks that lead to optimal conversions.
  • Bryan is a recognized Ezine Articles author.
  • It’s interesting to note that he is co-owner of this very site,, with his best partner and friend Alex Goad, and you can take note of some of Bryan’s work: what do you see on this site?  Do you know why it currently ranks very high for the hotly-contested phrase, Internet marketing blog?

We’ll answer those questions in a moment.

Bryan McConnahea’s Focal Point

Of course, Internet marketing is the Bryan’s overall focus.  More specifically, Bryan is focused on creating top-of-the-line solutions for Internet marketers who want to establish authority and maximize conversions.  That’s what Authority Pro is about.

Bryan McConnahea’s Products

Earlier on, I mentioned that this site,, is Bryan’s, and that it currently ranks for the phrase Internet marketing blog. From looking at this site’s Google Analytics stats, it gets visitors from over 25,000 keyword searches.
I asked you why this site ranks very high for the search term, Internet marketing blog.  Well, that’s partly because is truly a professional authority site.  Bryan worked hard to plan for it to be that way.  And, speaking about Authority sites, that leads us to Bryan’s first “real” product…

Authority Pro

Authority Pro is a WordPress “theme engine.”  Yes, it’s a WordPress theme, but to simply say that it’s a WordPress theme doesn’t fully convey the magnitude of what Authority Pro can do for marketers.  It really is an engine, in the sense that there’s a lot of power (capability, marketing features, and abilities) is built into it.

And, as we mentioned earlier, Bryan built Authority Pro from the ground up—literally, one line at a time.  You now know that Bryan is both a marketer and a coder/developer, and that unique blend of skills are reflected in Authority Pro.  You can read our Authority Pro review for more information.

Bryan McConnahea Negative

Bryan is so “new” (yes, he has years of experience, but is new in the sense that Authority Pro is his first product), that there’s not much negative that can be said about him.  He has a name to build.

Bryan McConnahea Scam?

Nope.  Not here.  Authority Pro, as we mention in our Authority Pro review, is only a tool, not a complete business model.   Most scams claim to be the only thing you need to succeed.  That’s not the case with Bryan McConnahea’s Authority Pro—you still need to send traffic to your site, and Authority Pro will work hard to maximize your conversions.

Verdict:  Guru rating– 4 out of 5 stars for Bryan McConnahea.

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Bryan McConnahea

Bryan McConnahea is a full-time affiliate marketer who resides in Montreal and works with Alex Goad. He is both a marketer and a coder, and is the one behind Authority Pro.

Bryan McConnahea Scam?

We rank the trustworthiness of a guru using a variety of factors, such as their overall reputation in the market, how much experience they have in Internet marketing, and the quality of their training as a whole. Below you can see our ratings for Bryan McConnahea.

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