Update: New Traffic Voodoo Sneak Peak Video

For all of you interested in the new Traffic Voodoo program from Jeff Johnson, you’ll be interested to see this new video that Jeff has just launched on the Traffic Voodoo pre-launch site:  The video is a 25 minute sneak peak takes you inside the members area and walks you through exactly what you’ll get when you grab your spot in the Jeff’s new Traffic Voodoo course.

To watch the video simply click below:

Click Above to Watch the Traffic Voodoo Sneak Peak Video

Click Above to Watch the Traffic Voodoo Sneak Peak Video

To be honest, the program that Jeff has put together will probably deliver more value and real, actionable strategies for traffic than anything to come to the market in a long while.  Here’s an overview of what the Traffic Voodoo training includes:

  • 8 week live training program
  • One time fee with no monthly continuity fees
  • All brand new material
  • Look Over the Shoulder training type style videos
  • Action plans and check lists
  • Written  course materials
  • MP3 files and more…

Traffic Voodoo Training Modules

Module 1 and 2:  Traffic Getting Quick Start

Module 3:  Testing and Conversion – how to make money with the traffic you get and maximize your profits.

Module 4: Social Media Traffic Module

Module 5: Instant Traffic Money Machine

Module 6: Instant Affiliate Traffic

Module 7: List Building Money Machine

Module 8: Putting it all together and making real money

Traffic Voodoo Guest Coaches

Jeff has also brought on some heavy hitters that will help him with the training and you drive more traffic.  These are some of the premier marketers in the respective fields and you’ll be learning directly from them.

People like…

Ryan and Jeff Ringold – Ryan and his brother will be doing the newbie fast track traffic training which will take people who may not have been exposed to all this stuff up to speed quickly.

Frank Kern - Frank will be teaching everyone in the Traffic Voodoo training course his secrets list tactics from his newest course, “List Control”.  People have paid a lot of money just to get access to the stuff Franks going to be personally teaching you.

Dave Miz - He’s the testing and conversion coach for Traffic Voodoo.  Not a big name guy but he knows his stuff.  He works behind the scenes setting up conversion testing for some of the biggest marketers on the Internet like Jeff Walker.

Jeff Walker – Jeff, creator of Product Launch Formula, is a guy who knows how to make big money with Internet marketing product launches.  He’s going to be involved in module 6, “Instant Affiliate Traffic” and will show you exactly how to make big money as an affiliate for these product launches.

Amish Shah and Jay Styles – These two guys are some of the premier CPA marketers online and just recently launched the Magic Bullet System with Frank Kern.  They’ll be involved in the Traffic Voodoo “Instant Traffic Money Machine” Module teaching you how to drive CPA leads and make money with cost-per-action marketing.

Leslie Rhode and Dan Thiss – These guys are coaching in the high ticket Stompernet program, and all out search engine experts with all the knowledge you need to kill it in the search engines and grab those top spots for big money keywords.

And that’s just to start…

Other guest Traffic Voodoo instructors include: Gauher Chaudry, Anik Singal of PPC Classroom 3.0, Arnel Ricafranca and a few more…

To be completely honest about it – Traffic Voodoo is going to kick ass and will be a major game changer for anyone who decides to invest in the Jeff Johnson’s Traffic Voodoo course.

ProPro Traffic Voodoo Bonus:

We will be setting up a huge Traffic Voodoo bonus on this page Monday when the Traffic Voodoo program launches.  You definitely won’t want to miss this, as you’ll be getting access to some of our premiere tools and strategies that go hand-in-hand to really supercharge your Traffic Voodoo training and absolutely make a killing online driving free traffic.

So bookmark this page (ctrl+D) and stay tuned for the announcement of this killer bonus package we’ve got to offer.  Until then enjoy the video and find out what Traffic Voodoo is all about.

Click Here to Watch the Traffic Voodoo Sneak Peak Video

What is Traffic Voodoo?

Traffic Voodoo, by Internet Marketer Jeff Johnson

Traffic Voodoo, by Internet Marketer Jeff Johnson

Traffic Voodoo is a traffic-generation training program by Internet Marketer Jeff Johnson.  If you’d like to learn how Jeff Johnson and his Traffic Voodoo program can help you with your online marketing business, this article is for you.

The aim of this article is to help you determine if this traffic-training course and program is right for you and your efforts to make money online.  We’ll do this by telling you 2 things:

  1. About Jeff Johnson and what he has accomplished, and
  2. About Jeff Johnson’s main focal point
Jeff Johnson, Internet Marketer and Free Traffic Specialist

Jeff Johnson, Internet Marketer and Free Traffic Specialist

By knowing about Jeff, you’ll know whether or not you can trust him (which is a very key distinction to make nowadays).  Further, by knowing about his main focal point, or marketing philosophy, you’ll be able to either agree or disagree with it, and be in a position to decide whether his traffic program is right for you.

Jeff Johnson runs UndergroundTrainingLab.com, which is a mega-blog that pertains to Internet marketers.  He is perhaps best known for the free, “traffic-getting” WordPress plugin that he offers to those who sign up to his list.  This plugin works to search engine optimize your WordPress-based site.  By having a well-optimized site, you’ll naturally rank higher in the search engines, and hence, get more traffic to your site.  This is partly what Jeff offers in his traffic-getting plugin.

Jeff had his plugin developed and offers it for free because he wants to give back to the IM community, which has helped him become so successful.

It’s also worth mentioning that Jeff Johnson is an accomplished, successful affiliate marketer, and has taught his system to others, who have gone on to be successful with their Internet marketing businesses.

Jeff Johnson’s Focal Point

Free traffic by having your site(s) rank very well in the search engines for all of your major keywords.  That’s probably the best way to summarize Jeff’s focal point, and if Traffic Voodoo is in line with Jeff’s focal point, that’s probably what Traffic Voodoo will be about.

More About Traffic Voodoo

Here’s a list of things we know about Jeff’s Course:

  • It’s a look-over-the-shoulder-style course in traffic-generation.  Chances are that a large portion of the course will be focused on free traffic methods (if not the entire course).
  • Jeff is also going to include live webinars that will very likely be interactive.
  • It’s the first “live” training program Jeff has done since December 2008.

But that’s not all.  Depending on how well you know online marketing, you also know that the second most important factor that determines your success (other than targeted traffic), is conversion.  Jeff also focuses on how to convert your traffic into buyers.

Who Is Traffic Voodoo For?

Traffic Voodoo is for the very serious Internet entrepreneur who wants to learn how to get targeted traffic and how to convert that targeted traffic into sales.  It works great for affiliate marketing business models, and product (or service) vendor business models.  It can also work great for CPA and lead-generation business models. From viewing Jeff’s past material, it helps that you have a good knowledge of some of the technical skills that are involved in Internet marketing.  Here’s a list of things you need to know:

  • How to register a domain name, configure the DNS, and set up hosting,
  • How to set up a WordPress site
  • How to install, activate, and configure a WordPress plugin (remember, Jeff offers a plugin, so it’s to your benefit to know how to install it)
  • How to use WordPress in general

If you don’t have this skillset, rest assured that there are many “newbies” who have learned it.  It just takes a desire to succeed, a willingness to learn, and some practice.  There are several videos online that show you how to do this.  There are also many, many reports that show you how to do some of these things.  You may even have a few sitting on your hard drive.

Jeff will very likely have some resources that show you where to go to learn these skills.  Also, if you have a deeper budget, you could get a webmaster or hire a freelancer to do some of this for you.

Traffic Voodoo Bonus

For those who decide to take the plunge and get this program, there are at least a handful of bonuses being offered to people.  These bonuses are being offered by Jeff Johnson’s affiliates and joint venture partners.  Basically, the affiliate or partner you get Traffic Voodoo through gets a commission, so, in order to incentivize you, these affiliates offer to give you something extra (a bonus) when you purchase through their link.

There’s a wide variety of potential bonuses.  These can range from simple reports, to software, to videos, to interviews, and even other products that others had to pay for.

Traffic Voodoo Scam?

From personally knowing about Jeff Johnson for years, and the fact that other big-name marketers recognize and associate with him, it’s hard to imagine that this course  is a scheme.  To the contrary, it’s very likely to be a legitimate training program that shows the student how to get sufficient enough traffic to their sites so that they can make a good income.

Of course, one has to really work at this.  There’s no magic button, but there are people with experience who are willing to show you how to make this whole process of making money online easier for you.  Jeff Johnson is one of those people, and his Traffic Voodoo program provides all the information you need to work on.  Working with this information will get you started on your journey to a profitable online business.

Verdict: Not a scam

In conclusion, our research and findings have led us to feel confident in saying that we can recommend Traffic Voodoo to those who are serious about making money online.  It’s not a cheap program, but you do get what you pay for, and with a lot of the free information Jeff has put out, Jeff Johnson’s training is worth it.

Traffic Driving Strategy:

There are a number of good products out there that will show you how to drive traffic to your website.  Traffic Voodoo is one of them, but you might be interested to know some of our other recommendations as well.

There are a number of ways to get traffic to your sites.  In terms of SEO, you will be able to get the most traffic by being able to grab rankings for medium-high traffic keywords.  If you’re able to do that you can get a flood of free visitors nearly on demand, meaning whatever you earn from that traffic is 100% profit.

This is mostly referred to as niche blogging, because WordPress blogs are highly optimized platforms to with cool plugins for SEO that allow you be super-optimized for search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN.  A large part of that depends, on being able to build links – a lot of them and fast.

When and Where Can I Get Traffic Voodoo?

Jeff Johnson’s course is launch March 29th at 12pm EST.  That’s approximately in two weeks from the time of this writing.  You may  be interested to follow the pre-launch activities, where you can stay up to date with the launch and you’ll also be able to get some free goods from Jeff – likely a cool SEO traffic getting plugin he offers and more.

We’ll also be keeping you up to date on the Traffic Voodoo Launch, and may be offering a killer Traffic Voodoo bonus, so you might want to bookmark our Voodoo Review (ctrl+D).   We hope you’ve enjoyed this Traffic Voodoo Review and it has helped you to consider all your options before you spend your hard earned money.

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